26. Ottobre 2023 alle 19:00

The Bourbon Man

Do. 26.10.
19 Uhr

If you wanna listen the dirthyest trash blues – here is The Bourbon Man! This one man band was formed in 2020. Born from the ash of former Whiskeyjamband, this music is played by only one man – Pavel Bialinski. This crazy dude plays cigar box guitar, hitting the drums and sings his dirty songs at the same time. Stories about local food, liquor, trucks, and lovely woman are telling for y’all in southern manner.
The music is made of dirty sound from old stuff like Robert Johnson or Leadbelly with driving crazy sound and energy of Motorhead and Left Lane Cruiser. The Whiskey is a fuel, the Rhythm is engine.
Crazy man with crazy songs that tells you: “Feel the Blues, Make the Trash!”