4. March 2023 at 20:00

Purple Dawn support Atacarma

20.00 Uhr

Support : Atacarma


It’s always the balance between things. Hard riffing energy and heart hitting melody, good and bad, high and low, future and past and sometimes far and beyond. That’s why Purple Dawn call their music “Peace & Doom”.
Heavily inspired by bands like Pentagram and Black Sabbath - Purple Dawn offers a perfect blend of classic Doom-Rock and modern Slow-Metal like Windhand or REZN and sometimes even some more complex Mastodon-ish frizzle frazzle. In contrast to the majority of bands in the genre, Purple Dawn has got a big variety of styles in their songs - it’s like putting on a Led Zeppelin record where no song sounds like the other.
The three-piece was founded in early 2020. Just a few months later the "Peace & Doom Session Vol.I" was released via OGOREKORDS and it shows a band that seems to play together for years already. Followed by the "Peace & Doom Session Vol.II" in early 2022 which came out on ELECTRIC VALLEY RECORDS.
Praise Iommi.

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